Free AutoLISP Programs


Free AutoLISP Programs
Converts selected Text objects to ALL CAPS format.
Converts selected CIRCLE objects to 'Donut' (closed circular LWPOLYLINE) objects.
Converts selected CIRCLE objects to many-sided regular polygon (closed LWPOLYLINE) objects; useful for approximating circles where required for non-rectangular viewport definition and similar requirements.
Changes the radius of selected circles.
Dimension an ARC with its Length, rather than the subtended angle.
Forces both ends of all Line objects to zero elevation (z = 0).
Locates and marks the foci of R14/R14.01 Ellipse objects with points.
Global Attribute Editor. Change content, parameters, and position.
Global Color Changer. Changes all objects of one color to another, regardless of whether colors are defined by object or by layer.
Harvests Hatch Pattern data from drawing files. Useful for recovering hatch pattern definitions when the original .pat file is unavailable.
Global Linetype changer. Changes all objects of one Linetype to another, regardless of whether linetypes are defined by object or by layer.
For use on *.dwg files intended for use as blocks or external references; forces all objects to Layer 0.
Creates a list of layers and their properties in a text file.
Creates a new LineType definition file, NEW-ACAD.LIN containing all of the currently defined LineTypes in the current drawing. First cousin to TO-LIN.LSP, below.
(was REV.LSP)
Reverse the direction of any Line, Polyline, or LWPolyline object. Great for re-orienting appearance in complex linetypes. *** Version 2.03a: Now preserves entity LTScale and Polyline widths, and will reverse Circles and Arcs!***  
Calculates and reports the total area for a selection of closed polylines.
A pair of routines to (1) write a list of a polyline's vertices to a text file; and (2) create a polyline from a list of points in a text file. Useful with both old-style "heavy" Polylines and new LWPolylines.
A short demonstration routine to change the visibility of drawing objects, using DXF code 60.
Best used with caution. Erases all objects in a drawing residing on layers that are either off or frozen (or both).
R14 and Earlier: Places a user-selected block a fixed distance from one end of a line, polyline or spline.
AutoCAD 2000 and later: See above; uses VLISP functions, no (command...) functions.
Creates and executes a script to re-save all drawings in a folder to the current release of AutoCAD. Easily edited to script other actions. NOTE: requires DOSLib.arx (AutoCAD® Support folder).
Converts a single polyline into a "sandwich" of 2 narrow polylines "filled" with a wide dashed one for special needs.
Generic routines for saving selected system variables before executing external applications, and restoring them afterward.
Calculates and reports the total length of a selection set of line, polyline, arc, circle, ellipse, and other objects in drawing.
Extracts definition data for any unknown LineType (simple or complex) from any R14 or A2K drawing & writes to NEWLT.LIN (ASCII) file. Also, see NEW-LIN.LSP, above.
Constructs a triangle with 2 user-specified sides on any existing baseline.
Exports selected text objects in a drawing to an external ASCII file.
Simplified creation of AutoCAD Wipeout objects.

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