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Alternative to wooden doors &windows


                                      Alternative to wooden doors &windows

Wood is the most popular choice for construction of door and window frames. Wooden frames give architectural beauty to the building and are easy to maintain. There are many types of wood according to the quality. The type of wood is used according to the requirement of the building and availability of budget.

When people think off wood works in house first preference will go fo TEAK wood ,because of its durability compared to other woods .Teak has been widely used in India for more than 2,000 years for making wood works in house and and other constructiuons . An important property of teak is its extremely good dimensional stability. 
Due to the increased cost of woods available people tends to move towards alternatives. Some times the alternate method was more strong than wood based mechanism. A good example is the building's roofs
Now a day construction costs are very high. There is many reasons behind this hike in cost especially the 
1. Cost of construction materials.
2. Increase in labour cost 
3. Transportation cost ….. etc .
So the people they need economical construction will go for alternatives. 
Here I am presenting alternatives for some commonly used building materials.
 Wood door/window frames with concrete frames.By using concrete frames instead of wood frames can reduce cost of wood by 60%.While building homes people are spending lot of money on wood works to forms door/window frames..Why they can use steel aluminium frames instead of this wood ? . Because they like traditionals and they will not accept the less thickened aluminium or steel frames even though they have the same capabilities in terms fo strength and more thermal resistance compared to wood. 
An alternative which compensates for the above two shortfalls of aluminium and steel door and window frames is the usage of concrete doors and window frames.
These Door Frames are available in variety of sizes and shapes to meet the exact requirements of the variety uses, features like durability, termite resistance and impressive looks. Moreover, these products are also available at market leading prices. Usually the section is 60x100mm and 4mm ms bar used for reinforcement. The approximate wait of one door frame is about 14kg

A window frame of size 150cm x 150cm, including grills and three partitions will cost only 10% of the cost of the same window pane made of wood (Teak). For door frames also the cost saving will be on these lines. 
Aesthetically it will provide same appeal as of wood frames ,and we will get some additional qualities like thermal resistance and termite resistance . Some precautions need to be taken while selecting concrete doors and window frames which are listed below. 
1. Wood blocks for fixing hinges and locks.
It is difficult to drill holes for screwing in nails in concrete frames. So for fixing the hinges and locks which is to be screwed tight, wooden blocks will be inserted the areas where these need to be fixed. These blocks will be inserted in the mould itself so that when the concrete hardens this forms an integral part of the system. 

2. Do not use the frame near kitchen sink, bath room or areas which come to contact with water 
Use it for internal door frames bed room windows .do not use it for external areas 
Don’t sue for bath rooms, use PVC door and frames is the best choice 
3 Use paint to protect from degradation and to get good appeal
When painting ensures that enough putty is used in order to reduce the imperfections and damages made by transportation and this will give good finish like wood. 
4 Decide the window grill design before making the mould/frame ,after casting we cannot put even a simple design into the frame .Fist make design for grills and give holes in mould to incorporate.

The carpenters they will not agree to opinion because they will lose a chance for job.


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