Inter Locking Bricks (INTERLOCKING BRICKS)

We can see that our construction technology and construction materials existed here about a thousand years ago. However, our manufacturing industry is still very well-equipped and sometimes very important. This is where there is a need to switch to construction methods such as cheap INTERLOCKING BRICKS.

INTERLOCKING BRICKS is an important low cost construction method that now exists in Kerala. The wall is built by locking each other like a name. So we can reduce cement and sand use

Red soil, which contains at least twenty per cent clay, is used to make INTER LOCKING BRICKS, which is compressed into moulds with a certain proportion of cement GRAVEL and some chemicals to keep it scattered. It will have about 5.5 N/CM2 COMPRESSIVE STRENGTH



This can generate a profit of about 30-35% over building a house using other common means.

1. PLASTERING & amp; PAINTING essential.

2. Can be installed very easily



1. Electric wire cannot drill through the wall and pipe like normal walls

2. Cannot be used as LOAD BEARING WALL above two floors.

3. It is best to plaster or paint where water is likely to fall on the outer walls or cause it to collapse and fade colour.

4. EXPERIENCED workers are required


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  2. This entire cycle took three to four months during which time I might have saved a couple thousand dollars. house and land packages


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