The next major job is painting once the house is finished and the finishing work is reached. If you don't paint any beautiful house well, if you can choose the colours that suit the style of the house and the area where the house is, it will add to the overall beauty of the house.

       1. One of the most important elements of painting is CLOUR SELECTION. Because studies have shown that different colors can cause many emotional changes in our lives beyond the charm of the house. For example, using cool colors in hospitals and so on can provide a calm environment for patients, on the contrary, a little BRIGHT colours in the rooms and schools used by children, because children are well refreshed. All colors have their own advantages and disadvantages, but if they are used accurately based on the use of left rooms and the people used, we can no doubt choose good colors that can bring us very good mental and physical qualities in our lives.

2 .   Another thing to look out for when choosing colour is how it blends in with the surroundings. Colors that stand out from each other can damage the overall beauty of the house. The background of the house also needs to be taken into account when the colour is chosen for the outer wall of the house.  To be fair, all colors must be planned beforehand.

Some precautions to look out for in painting the interior of the house 

1 . Cover the furniture and floor inside the room with paper or old cloth while painting
2 . Keep the windows and doors open in the room while painting and drying
3 . If possible, do not use the room for a week
4 . Be careful to wear masks while painting
5 . Don't paint your body.
6 . Do not paint where children can pick it up
9 . It's good to be in order when painting. First the ceiling, then the bhit, then the furniture.
10 . Give harsh colors only in the smallest area
11 . The cement paint in the packet will quickly be cut. So don't open it long before you use it
11. Look at the color shade on the cards and be careful when choosing the color. The color effect in the small estuaran sits in the room.
12. If you're putting ac in the room, put it before painting. Ac's work will improve on smooth walls.
13. It's best to choose colors in broad daylight. The color in the shop's electricity light doesn't have to be what you mean.
14. If you have a small room, the ceiling will look broad.

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