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fascinating planters collections from the house of GLASTRES GREENS

A beautiful home is built brick by brick. We invest our life & soul into it. Let it grow a notch higher with some of the most fascinating planters collections from the house of GLASTRES GREENS.
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Dear Sir/Ma'am,
                     We, M/s. SBF GREEN WALLS are a well-established Chennai based Vertical Garden / Wall Garden Company creating beautiful modern wall gardens adopting latest updated methods & technologies.
Please visit our website  :
         A) In addition to owning R & D Oriented large dedicated Nurseries, we use our own Design Patented wall garden planter modules for all our projects. 
                             BENEFITS OF SBF GREEN WALL MODULAR SYSTEMS                                                                                                                                   
1)Aptly suitable for high elevated surfaces like high rise buildings as well as low level heights.

2)Module invisible as plants fully cover the boxes in plants grown up stage.

3)Easily replaceable as & when required for maintenance.

4)Integrated Auto Irrigation System saves water.

5)Own design Modules to make Installation & Maintenance easy.

6)Directly install-able on Wall Surfaces as well as on a Back Support Frame.

7)Modular System makes wall garden on any scale possible & affordable.

8)Installation in various options as preferred by Clients.

9)Own design Modules to plant various plant types in single module.

10)Light weight in planted as well as in fully saturated stages.

11)Can be fixed at Interior/Exterior areas, on flat with ornamental and edible plants 

      B) We also use R & D based innovative and well proven proprietary growth media mix which is highly productive.
                              BENEFITS OF SOIL LESS GROWTH MEDIA

1)Dirt-Free and Clean to handle.

2)40% Water savings as compared to conventional soils.

3)Even when fully watered, lighter by 50% than soil.

4)Plants grow healthier and lusher.

5)Long life span of Growth Media.

6)No mosquitoes / insects.

7)With porous nature of Growth Media, Rooting is quick & firm.

8)Irrigates down the panel with gravity & uniformly.

9)No flooding or overflowing of water as media keeps hold of water.
  • We use high quality ISI standard inline drip irrigation pipe line fittings, exclusively made to our specification for automatically irrigating the Wall Garden Projects done by us.

  • We proudly inform that our 20 years relevant experience made us experts in the line and we are now one among very few reputed & renowned Wall Garden People in our Country.

As we are confident that our experience, expertise, updated technologies adopted by us & infrastructure we equipped with, you will certainly get convinced to tie up presentation.  
Please visit our website  :
If any clarification,please contact us,We will come to you and let you know your technical details. 

Thanks & Regards,
Er.Suresh VS
Senior Executive -Business Development
S7,Second Floor, Brown Nest Apartments
#38,Second Main Road,Gandhi Nagar,Adyar, Chennai-600020
Mobile N0: 9384667107/+91-44-421174558/24466998/24466598 

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